New features!

With a $1 donation, you can now filter by IMDb ratings! We also added a new exclusion filter, to exclude a list of keywords from the movie or show title!

The public available instance of relies on donations to keep it up and running. We currently have 5462 users which created 3877 lists that get updated every 24 hours.

Donations are appreciated in the form of money or time.

When donating your time, you could help fix existing bugs, or help implement new features which are listed on our GitHub at

When donating your money, you support the public available infrastructure where is running. The money will be used to buy new servers to run listrr on, or coffee to fix bugs or implement new features.

Any donor perks?

Yes! We currently offer perks for our donors, and will add new perks in the future as evolves!

Current perks are:

Donation Lists Update on edit Update manual Exclusion filters IMDb ratings Create lists from names High prio queue
Non donor 8 No No No No No No
$1 10 No No No Yes Yes No
$2 20 No Yes No Yes Yes No
$5 50 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
$10 100 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

If you want to donate to listrr, you can do this via GitHub sponsors by following the link here:

How do I get my perks?

Please connect your GitHub account to the listrr app so that I can check your GitHub username. Everything is completely automated, and you should get your perks within 5 minutes after the information is available through the GitHub graph API.