New features!

With a $1 donation, you can now filter by IMDb ratings! We also added a new exclusion filter, to exclude a list of keywords from the movie or show title!

Welcome to!

With, you can create personalized lists for tv shows and movies with a variety of different filters, and use them with your ultimate PLEX setup.

Community driven

The community decides!

This project is driven by the awesome ideas of our community.

The project is also funded entirely through donations of awesome people inside our community. Check out our discord for joining us.

Automated updates

All lists you create get updated completely automated every few days.

As a donor, your lists get updated every 24 hours at night time, or you can update them manually.

Check our Why Donate? page for more information about donor perks!

Open Source

We aim to be as transparent as possible with processing your data, thats why we decided to have all the source code available on GitHub for everyone to take a look onto how data gets processed.

Take a look at our code to make yourself familiar how works. Contributions are also welcome!