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"...damit ich meinen Frieden hab" - 15 Monate beim Bund
"...és Mészöly Kálmán, a kapitány"
"BLOW THE NIGHT!" Let's Spend the Night Together
"Cat and Mouse" at the Home
"Erscheinungsform Mensch": Adolf Eichmann
"Guys Who Never Learn" Part 2
"I Thought Maybe I'd Get to Meet Alan Whicker": A Conversation with Bill Forsyth
"Il polverone" di Tonino Guerra
"Ist alles Kacke hier...!" - Gropiusstadt - ein heißes Pflaster?
"Kill Him"
"Lay Down Thy Raincoat and Groove": Echo and the Bunnymen at the Royal Albert Hall
"On Yer Bike"
"Portraits" : Chantal Akerman
"Sok húron pendülnek"
"Sorry/Hear Us"
"Ty pójdziesz górą..." (Eliza Orzeszkowa)
"Ταραχή" μες τη ζωή μου
$8.50 a Barrel (Huit Piastres et Demie!)
'38 - Vienna Before the Fall
'57 Pick-Up
'78 Cup - The Power of Football
'81 0번 아가씨
'90 벌레먹은 장미
'A Bit' Too Much Too Soon
'A morte 'e Carnevale
'Ana 'illy 'astahil
'Boom-Boom' Valdez
'Do They Know It's Christmas?' - The Story Of The Official Band Aid Video